CUSAJZ25 Summer Lights 102x400 pile (2)DSC_0166 (2)Summer lights - Designer rug by Source Mondial

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Colour: Gold/YellowOrange/Tangerine/RustGreen/OliveMulti
Composition: Wool
Construction: Hand-knotted 60 kpsi
Availability: In Stock
Custom: Yes

About this rug

This Source Mondial “Summer Lights” pixel rug has been hand-knotted and hand-carved in NZ wool.
The colours used in “Summer Lights” have been carefully mapped by the team at Source Mondial to achieve a very unique but workable colourway.
This special rug is made entirely by hand, from the hand spinning & dyeing of wool to loom preparation, weaving and finishing. The final result is a one of a kind rug which demonstrates skilled and ancient craftsmanship, and which will endure and be treasured by future generations.

SIZE:1.01m x 3.98m
WAS: $2,300.00
NOW: $1,840.00

SIZE:1.03m x 3.95m
WAS: $2,530.00
NOW: $2,024.00

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