KHYV64 MONET 302x409 cuKHYV64 MONET 302x409 detailsKHYV64 MONET 302x409 pile


Colour: Blue
Composition: Wool
Construction: Hand-knotted 120 kpsi
Availability: Made to Order

About this rug

This Source Mondial Vintage rug started life as a Persian rug of the finest quality. It has now been re-worked by artisan rug makers to achieve a beautiful, ethereal result which compliments both present-day contemporary and traditional interiors.
While this piece is a unique one-of-a-kind vintage piece, and may no longer be in stock (check availability), it has been included on our website to demonstrate just some of the numerous styles and colourways that can be achieved when a vintage rug is reinvented.

Our team would be pleased to assist with sourcing the perfect vintage rug for you, whether this is from our extensive range or by having a vintage piece especially crafted to achieve your required result.


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