ALKTSS-01 SARI SILK 183x273 fold (2)ALKTSS-01 SARI SILK 183x273 foldALKTSS-01 SARI SILK 183x273 pile

Sari Silk – Orange

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Colour: Orange/Tangerine/Rust
Composition: Sari Silk
Construction: Hand-knotted 80 kpsi
Availability: In Stock
Custom: Yes

About this rug

This Source Mondial Sari Silk rug is hand-knotted by highly skilled and experienced artisans from recycled hand-spun sari silk.

Sari Silk rugs are made entirely by hand, from the collection and refining of remainder sari silk yarn, to loom preparation, weaving and finishing.  The final result is an especially beautiful rug of enduring beauty which reflects the care, attention and craftsmanship required to produce it.

Sari silk rugs can be made to order, however as each piece will depend upon the available blend of remainder yarn, the colour of each piece will be entirely unique and variable.

SIZE: 1.84 x 2.73m

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