LSCST-IC01 STRATA Ivory Charc 162x230 cu (3)LSCST-IC01 STRATA Ivory Charc 162x230 fold (2)LSCST-IC01 STRATA Ivory Charc 162x230 tassells

35% off Strata – Ivory/Charcoal

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Colour: Black/WhiteBlack/CharcoalWhite/CreamBeige/Natural
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Composition: Wool
Construction: Hand-woven
Availability: In Stock
Custom: Yes

About this rug

Our geometric Moroccan style “Strata” rug is hand-woven from hand-spun natural wool.
This high/lo pile rug is extremely durable and hard wearing.
“Strata” is made entirely by hand, from the spinning and dyeing of the yarn to loom preparation, weaving and finishing.

This rug can be custom made to suit specific requirements, including the scale of design, dimensions, colours and shape.

SIZE: 1.62m x 2.3m
NOW: $894.4

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