LSCTSW-SG15 SAVOY Soft Green 290x398 pileLSCTSW-SG15 SAVOY Soft Green 290x398LSCTSW-SG15 SAVOY Soft Green 290x398 pile (2)

Savoy Soft Green

Colour: Turquoise/TealGreen/Olive
Composition: Wool
Construction: Hand-loomed
Availability: In Stock in Limited Colors
Custom: Yes

About this rug

Our “Savoy” rugs are hand-loomed tip shorn by skilled artisans from NZ Wool. The pile which is initially a fine loop, is tip shorn to produce a random cut and loop pile. The result is a rug which is extremely tactile and lustrous.
“Savoy” rugs are made entirely by hand, from the dyeing of the yarn to loom preparation, weaving and finishing. The final result is a special rug of enduring beauty which reflects the care, attention and craftsmanship required to produce it.

This rug can be custom made to required dimensions, shape, colour and yarn type.

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