Rug Making

It is important to us that our clients feel entirely confident and comfortable with their decision to purchase a stock rug or have a custom or bespoke rug made to order.
Source Mondial offers a number of services and products designed to assist our clients to navigate through the rug buying process to reach a happy and satisfying outcome.

Rendering - Designer Rugs by Source Mondial


Our Source Mondial sales consultants are very experienced in working with colours and interior schemes, and are available to visit your home to assess the space and offer advice and suggestions for the best rug for you.
With an extensive knowledge of the possibilities, be this a rug from our current stock or a custom rug designed specifically for your space and requirements, our sales consultants will be in an ideal position to suggest options which complement your interior, work well spatially, suit the usage and which work as an expression your taste and style.
As a first step to a home consultation, please visit our showroom to explore our range of stock rugs and custom options – and bringing or sending a photo of your space is always helpful.



It can sometimes be difficult to visualise how a rug will work in a particular space, and quite often the only way of confidently ascertaining whether it will achieve the desired result is to view it at home in the space.
Source Mondial offers an approval service to clients who would like to view our stock rugs in-situ. You are welcome to keep an appro rug at home for a couple of days. In this way the size, colour and design can be assessed in the environs of your unique surroundings including lighting, furnishings, artwork and textiles – you can be sure that it’s right for your space.
If you are unable to manage collection and placement of an appro rug yourself, we can arrange for this.

Rendering - Designer Rugs by Source Mondial


Where our appro service is not available or convenient, Source Mondial offers a valuable rendering service whereby rug options are photo-shopped into an intended space so that it can be readily visualised in-situ.
This service is particularly helpful for out of town clients or when a custom or bespoke rug is being considered. It also saves a lot of time and leg work where multiple options are being compared.
All you need to do is send us images of the intended space and we will work our magic.
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Custom Design by Source Mondial


While at Source Mondial we hold a very impressive collection of contemporary handmade rugs in stock, we also pride ourselves on working collaboratively with and encouraging our clients to explore the endless possibilities of customised rug design.
Be it the creation of an original one-off bespoke design inspired by a fabric, wallpaper, artwork or your imagination, or the customisation of an existing design, our experienced consultants are on hand to develop a design concept from inception to completion.
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When it comes to binding a rug there are a number of options available. The best option for you will often depend on the size of the finished rug, the scale of the pattern and whether the binding is to be a feature of the rug or is to more discreet and simply enhance the rug itself. Source Mondial offers a number of binding finishes. If you’re after a bordered rug, we have an excellent selection of leathers, cottons, linens, jute, chenille, synthetics…
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Rug Grip


Rugs and runners that creep across the floor or bunch and wrinkle with foot traffic, are not only unsightly and cause the constant inconvenience of requiring straightening – they also present a trip hazard.
Source Mondial stocks an excellent rug grip product which is highly effective in preventing creeping and bunching, and which also offers the additional benefit of being a cushioning underlay pad.
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Stain Protection


A Source Mondial handmade rug, carpet or sisal product should be treasured and appreciated for many years,
and it only makes sense that it should be protected as best as possible from accidental spills and stains.
Source Mondial recommends protecting your rug from stain and UV damage by having it treated with Microseal.
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Carpet Cleaning Service1


Every Source Mondial handmade rug has unique characteristics.
Care when maintaining and cleaning your rug will help retain its inherent beauty and lustrous appearance, and will also ensure its longevity.
Care and Cleaning Guide

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Our team appreciates how personal and important a rug can be in terms of creating or complementing a living space.
While we hold a very impressive selection of stock rugs, we also understand that our clients might require something more specific or tailored to their very individual requirements.
Rug Size Guide