Yadsy Vv02 Vivaldi 279x362 Optimised
Yadsy Vv02 Vivaldi 279x362 Cu OptimisedYadsy Vv02 Vivaldi 279x362 Pile V1 OptimisedYadsy Vv02 Vivaldi 279x362 Pile H OptimisedYadsy Vv02 Vivaldi 279x362 Rev OptimisedVivaldi Lorraine Fowler 14 OptimisedVivaldi Lorraine Fowler 12 Optimised


Colour: Grey/SilverGold/YellowBlue
Style: ,
Composition: TencilWool
Construction: Hand-knotted 100 kpsi
Availability: Made to Order
Custom: Yes

About this rug

Belonging to our Symphony Series of statement rugs, “Vivaldi” is finely hand-knotted from NZ Wool & Tencel.  It features an exquisitely carved pile that accentuates the movement, colour, and texture of the design.

Impeccably finished, this fluid and rhythmic design will bring drama, movement and a unique energy to your interior space.

“Vivaldi” can be made to order in required dimensions and colours.

SIZE: 3.11m x 4.36m
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