ARTEZ Turquoise - Designer rug
ARTEZ Turquoise - Designer rug

Artez – Turquoise

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Colour: BlueTurquoise/Teal

About this rug

“Artez” is woven by hand from polyester yarn which has been specially developed to have a cotton feel and to achieve an impressive lustre. This yarn is extremely strong, durable and practical to maintain.
“Artez” features a dense 20mm cut pile which incorporates a substantial amount of yarn thereby providing a cushioning effect and making the rug luxurious underfoot.
This rug is made entirely by hand, from the dyeing of the yarn to loom preparation, weaving and finishing. The final result is a special rug of enduring beauty which reflects the care, attention and craftsmanship required to produce it.

“Artez” can be custom made to required dimensions, shape, pile height and colour.

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