RPMR-R02 MARS Red Multi 250x300 cu (5)Rpmr R04 Mars Red Multi Cu 6Rpmr R04 Mars Red Multi Pile 2IMG_5898IMG_5902

Mars Red/Multi

Colour: Grey/SilverGold/YellowOrange/Tangerine/RustRed
Style: ,
Composition: Bamboo SilkWool
Construction: Hand-knotted 100 kpsiHand-spun
Availability: In Stock
Custom: Yes

About this rug

“Mars” is hand-knotted by highly skilled and experienced artisans from NZ wool and bamboo silk.
This rug is made entirely by hand, from the hand dyeing of the yarn to loom preparation, weaving and finishing. The final result is a special rug of enduring beauty which reflects the care, attention and craftsmanship required to produce it.
This rug can be custom made to suit specific requirements.

SIZE: 2.50m x 2.97m

SIZE: 2.50m x 3.06m


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