Missing pieces - Designer rug by Source Mondial
Missing pieces - Designer rug by Source MondialMissing pieces - Designer rug by Source MondialKHYKL-MP01 160x234KHYKL-MP03 160x234 border

Missing Pieces

Colour: Black/WhiteBlack/CharcoalWhite/CreamRedMulti
Composition: Wool
Construction: Hand-woven
Availability: In Stock
Custom: Yes

About this rug

“Missing Pieces” is a very unique kilim that is hand-woven from hand-spun Afghan wool.
Afghan wool is extremely durable and hard wearing.
This kilim, which has the option of castellated or straight edges, is made entirely by hand, from the spinning and dyeing of the yarn to loom preparation, weaving and finishing.

“Blurred Lines” kilims can be custom made to required dimensions, design and colour.

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