Moeraki Green Runner - Designer rug
Moeraki Green Runner - Designer rugMoeraki Green Runner - Designer rugDSC_2409

Moeraki Runner – Green

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Colour: Green/OliveMulti
Construction: Hand-knotted
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Custom: Yes

About this rug

This Source Mondial “Moeraki” rug is hand-knotted in a special blend of NZ and Italian Wool.
The wool used to create this rug is specially selected, hand-spun and then hand-dyed in such a way as to achieve a subtle and beautiful variation of colour. This design is inspired by the remarkable Moeraki Boulders which are a group of very large spherical stones on Koekohe Beach near Moeraki on NZ’s Otago coast.
“Moeraki” is made entirely by hand, from the hand spinning & dyeing of wool to loom preparation, weaving and finishing. The final result is a one of a kind rug which demonstrates skilled and ancient craftsmanship, and which will endure and be treasured by future generations.

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