Stardust Blue - Designer rugs
Stardust Blue - Designer rugsStardust Blue - Designer rugsStardust Blue - Designer rugsStardust Blue - Designer rugs

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Colour: Grey/SilverGold/YellowBlue
Composition: Bamboo Silk
Construction: Hand-knotted 100 kpsi
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Custom: Yes

About this rug

This Source Mondial Bamboo Silk rug is hand-knotted by highly skilled and experienced artisans from 100% hand-spun bamboo silk.
Derived from the fibres of the bamboo plant, bamboo silk yarn produces rugs that are naturally strong, resilient and durable.  Bamboo silk rugs feature a spectacular lustre that looks like natural silk and yet is cool to the touch – it is extraordinarily tactile and absolutely luxurious.
This rug is made entirely by hand, from the hand spinning & dyeing of the bamboo silk to loom preparation, weaving and finishing.  The final result is a special rug of enduring beauty which reflects the care, attention and craftsmanship required to produce it.

This rug can be custom made to required dimensions.

SIZE: 2.65m x 3.61m
NOW: $7,699.2

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