The Checkerboard Collection comprises our own Source Mondial designed, hand-knotted & hand-carved wool pixel rugs.
Featuring “Times Square“, Coastal Breeze”, “Confetti”, “Water Lily”, “Sidewalk” and “Summer Lights”, these rugs offer a unique selection of colourways which will bring not only colour but interest, design and comfort to the floor and your home. These rugs have all been painstakingly mapped to achieve workable colourways, with our “Summer Lights” rug consisting of remarkable 88 colours.
If you’re wanting a more subtle and organic look then our exclusive Hemp Checkerboards will entice. These stunning hand-knotted rugs feature muted colours which work harmoniously with interior settings.
Lastly, our Leather Checkerboards complete the Collection.

Source Mondial is pleased to introduce our Coastal Collection of hand woven rugs.
This Collection features textured wool, flatweaves, undyed natural wools, hemp and indoor/outdoor products.

Inspired by casual walks along the beach, waves gently rolling on the shore, the Coastal Collection offers relaxed and understated elegance with something for everyone.

The Source Mondial Colour Variation Collection features 2 ranges which focus on variation and graduation of colour. These ranges are our stunning “Volcano” and “Sunset” rugs.
“Volcano” is available in 2 qualities, either hand-tufted or hand-knotted in NZ wool and feature a striking graduation of colour whether a tonal graduation with a fade out/fade in effect or a graduated change from 1 colour to another.
“Sunset” rugs are hand-knotted in an NZ/Italian wool blend. The wool used to create our Sunset rugs is hand-spun and then hand-dyed in such a way as to achieve a subtle and beautiful variation of colour.

Our Sunset rugs are available as either a variation of one colour or in the multi-coloured designs of the gorgeous “Broken Sunset” and “Moeraki Sunset” rugs, which are both particularly effective as runners.

The Source Mondial Endless Collection derives its name from the almost endless options of mixing colours and pile heights to readily achieve a quality customised hand-made rug.
Our Endless Collection rugs feature durable and very densely hand-woven or hand-tufted polyester yarn which has been specially developed to have a cotton feel but also produce fabulous lustre. These super dense and luxurious rugs bring great texture, life and comfort to any living space.
Best of all, the process of selecting the perfect Endless Collection rug is as simple as 1-2-3.
Just choose your colour, choose your style and choose your size.
It’s as easy as that – and of course the team at Source Mondial is always on hand to assist.

The team at Source Mondial is proud to offer an extensive range of sisal styles and textures woven from natural fibres sourced from the finest raw material, the African agave plant.
These sisal fibres offer an impressive array of features and benefits. In addition to being constructed from a sustainable, renewable and natural resource, sisal is moth & rot resistant, anti-static, anti-bacterial, dust & mite resistant, is a great heat and sound insulator, regulates environmental moisture and is biodegradable.

When it comes to your home, sisal is practical and durable, has a stunning natural & textured aesthetic and will work well in your living spaces for very many years to come.

Our Bamboo & Art Silk Blends are hand-knotted works of art.
These statement rugs feature the skillful use of bamboo or art silk to accentuate intricate design and bring the rug to life.

In the case of our bamboo blended rugs, bamboo silk has been skilfully used to accentuate intricate design and bring this design and the rug to life.
Our bamboo and bamboo blends are hand-knotted works of art. They have exceptional beauty and enduring quality which will be enjoyed for generations to come.

All our indoor/outdoor products are flatwoven in 100% solution dyed polypropylene and are rated for heavy commercial usage, which means they wear exceptionally well and have excellent appearance retention. They also have the added benefits of being easy to clean & mantain, are100% waterproof and are UV & slip resistant.

In terms of getting an indoor/outdoor product bound into a rug, Source Mondial offers an extensive binding service. Depending on the application, options include concealed edge, overlocking and border binding in a wide range of binding widths, colours and materials, including binding suitable for the outdoors.